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31 Modified Fitness Challenge

31 Modified Fitness Challenge

31 Modified Fitness Challenge

We currently have a #75Hard Challenge getting ready to start in the Wildishly Fit group, however, some of us are not ready or not interested in tackling that beast and that is okay! That’s why we are creating this modified version to allow more members to join along!

31 Modified Fitness Challenge

31 Modified is a newer take on the 75 hard challenge and honestly, a more realistic approach in my opinion. This model is a 31 day challenge for the length of August, aka 31 days! lol You will still be working out and making healthier decisions but there isn’t going to be any starting over if you slip up. Instead, I encourage you to brush it off and keep chugging along.

Here are the differences between the two so you can decide what’s the best fit for you:

75 Hard

The 75 Hard rules are very strict. The goal is to stick to it for 75 days straight with NO slip ups. If you do slip up on any of the following then you have to start your 75 days over. Here is what the challenge entails.

For 75 days:

  • Two 45 min workouts, one must be outdoors
  • Drink 1 Gallon of water a day
  • Read 10 pages a day in a non-fictional book
  • No alcohol at all
  • Follow a diet, any diet
  • Take a progress photo each day

31 Modified

For 31 days:

  • One 30 min workout per day
  • Drink 64 ounces of water per day
  • Read 15 pages a day from any book
  • Limit your alcohol intake so 2-3 drinks per week
  • Follow any form of healthy eating OR omission of something unhealthy in your diet
  • Take a progress photo each week & measurements

As you can see though both challenges, the 31 Modified Challenge is a bit more lax in comparison to the 75 Hard but both are great options to kick off our first challenges in the group!

Which challenge are you going to tackle?!


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