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At Wildish Women we encourage women to be authentic without the fear of judgement. We strive to gather women of all backgrounds in an effort to create unity through diversity. We believe that when women connect through shared experiences and growing new friendships.

At Wildish Women in Arizona, you can learn to express yourself, release negative built up energy, and connect with other amazing women to strengthen our ability to tackle everyday life, fearlessly.

A little about our founder

Hi there, I’m Jess!
Believe it or not, this community all started with a TikTok I posted in April 2021. It resonated with so many women in the area that our group was formed.

Hold please
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Our Mission

Wildish Women is a safe space for women to step outside their comfort zone and connect through authentic conversation, events, and adventures in Arizona!

If you haven’t joined our facebook group already, come on over. The group is where we discuss everything from friendships to motherhood to event planning.

We’d love to meet you!


Here are a few ways you can interact with Wildish Women