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Cibecue Falls

Cibecue Falls hike with the wildish women

Cibecue Falls 3

If you’re in our group you may have seen we had an event for the Cibecue Falls in Arizona. This weekend we loaded up and headed out to conquer the Cibecue Falls hike with the Wildish Women. After a 2.5 hour drive we made it to the trailhead and here is all the nitty gritty you need to know if you’d like to hike it.

Cibecue Falls Hike

To get into the fall you will need to physically purchase a permit. The price of the permit has risen to $45 and it will be checked. As we were leaving a reservation officer stopped us to verify our permits so be sure to avoid fines and purchase one.

The road to the Cibecue Falls trailhead is extremely bumpy and filled with boulders on top of being a single lane road. When you get to the end of the road there is then a water crossing to get to the actual trailhead. Due to all of these factors, its is NOT advised that you come in a sedan. A truck or SUV is the best option. I have an SUV and I was still weary to drive across the water and decided to park it instead of trying to cross.

Cibecue Falls 2

Cibecue Falls Trail

The Cibecue Falls trail was actually a relatively easy hike. There was barely any elevation unlike what All Trails told us. The hardest part of the trail was all of the boulders you had to climb and maneuver around. You do end up crossing the water 17 times so it doesn’t matter if you wear hiking boots or water shoes, your feet will be soaked.

Cibecue Falls

We ended up splitting into 3 different groups unintentionally but we all made it to the falls and back in one piece. As you can tell, Cibecue Falls was a beautiful little gem tucked in Arizona. The water was really chilly but it felt nice after your body acclimated. We had a lot of interest in this hike so I’m sure we will be planning another event soon!

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