This code of Conduct helps us to be a community that is rooted in kindness, respect, and collaboration.

Regardless of your expertise, we are committed to enforcing and improving our Code of Conduct. It applies to everyone using Wildish Women including our networks, team, moderators, and anyone posting to our Facebook groups, Discord chats, and more.

Our Expectations

Be inclusive and respectful
Though we may not agree with a post or comment that has been made, we must be conscious of what we say in response. Please be careful when using sarcasm especially with someone new to you.

Be open to giving and receiving feedback
Comments and suggestions are a healthy part of our community and we want to keep it that way. When asking for opinions, you must be open to all responses unless you state otherwise.

Unacceptable Behavior

No mean girls are allowed here. This means no subtle put-downs, rude language, name calling, bigotry, harassment, etc. We’ve listed some examples below for clarification.

  • You could have just Googled this.
  • Do you even speak English?
  • This is called xyz. If you want to Google it, you will be able to find lots of info that may be able to explain everything better for you.
  • I’m sorry, I’m not understanding your question. Could you reword it?


In our Facebook groups, if you click on the three dots on the top right of a post or comment, you will see an option pop up that states ‘Report to Admins’. This is the quickest way to grab our attention and handle the situation quickly. If the situation requires more attention than a tag, please contact us.


We take reports seriously and those who don’t follow the Code of Conduct may face consequences deemed appropriate by our moderation team and admins. We will handle reports in these steps generally:

  1. Warning – the first time a person is reported, we will remove the violating content and give a warning through Facebook options.
  2. Suspension – the second offense will result in being temporarily suspended from interacting with the group. The length of suspension will depend on the violation.
  3. Removal – if a person is reported for a third time, they will be permanently removed from the Wildish Women Community.