Salty Girl Tees

Summer Vibes
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My name is Casey and I am the owner and designer of Salty Girl Tees. My career did not start in fashion but in my spare bedroom in Scottsdale, AZ.  My career of 25 years that consisted of writing code with ones and zeroes did not allow my creative side to shine. I took to graphic design for wedding invitations, logo creation, birth announcements and the such.  I then realized that I could put MY art on t-shirts and any type of clothing and other people can enjoy them it as much as I do.

I love working with clients one on one for a custom design. Whether it is for a family reunion, a social club, group trip or corporate logo design, I am your designer.  I really enjoy working with and supporting small businesses that are just starting out.

I choose the t-shirts with the most pure organic blend as possible, while still being being durable as well as super soft and cozy. I hope you find them as comfy as I do.

Be Well…