Granny Brunch


Break out the pearls, lace doilies, and knitting needles, because it’s time to channel your inner granny at our Granny Brunch in Glendale, Arizona!

Our first Granny Brunch was such a hit that we decided to do it again!

🌸 Granny Chic Dress Code: Embrace the spirit of yesteryear by dressing to impress in your finest granny chic attire. From vintage floral dresses and cardigans to oversized spectacles and pillbox hats, let your imagination run wild as you transform into the epitome of granny glamour. Bonus points for accessorizing with hand-knitted shawls and pearl necklaces!

🎉 Best Dressed Granny Contest: Strut your stuff on the catwalk and vie for the title of Best Dressed Granny in our fabulous fashion contest! Show off your granny chic ensemble and dazzle the judges with your style and flair for a chance to win fabulous prizes and eternal glory as the ultimate granny fashionista.


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