Mystic Magic

Join us for an enchanting evening at the Mystic Magic Event in Mesa, AZ! This spellbinding experience invites you to explore the realms of candle dressing, sigil making, and spell jar creations. Immerse yourself in an afternoon of ancient rituals, mystical crafts, and positive energy as we unveil the secrets of the arcane.

🔮 Sigil Making:
Unlock the power of symbols and sigils designed to help you manifest your desires. Learn how to craft your own unique symbols that encapsulate your goals and aspirations. Whether you seek love, success, or spiritual growth, you’ll leave with a personalized sigil charged with your intentions.

🕯️ Candle Dressing:
Once we’ve created and completed our sigils we will walk through the art of candle dressing. We will lead you through the process of adorning candles with carefully selected herbs, oils, and of course, your sigils. Discover the significance of colors and scents as you create personalized candles that resonate with your intentions, bringing forth a harmonious blend of light and energy.

🌌 Spell Jar Creations:
Embark on a journey of manifestation as you craft your very own spell jar. Explore the magical properties of crystals, herbs, and other enchanting ingredients, combining them to create a potent charm. We will guide you through the art of spell jar creation, ensuring that your intentions are imbued into every element. Take home a personalized spell jar that serves as a tangible reminder of your magical journey.

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Refund Policy:

No refunds will be given. Depending on the circumstance we can offer event credits. You must email us at if you need any assistance. If you reach out after the event has began, you will forfeit your ticket and no credits will be offered.


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