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2023 spring basket

Spring Basket Exchange

2023 spring basket

Our Spring Basket Exchange is live! Please read this post FULLYBEFORE signing up as many things have been implemented for 2023 exchanges. Sign ups are open now until March 24th. Once sign ups close, you will be emailed an assignment the week of the 26th and delivery will be due on April 2nd.

To join in on the fun, you MUST pay the $10 sign up fee here and fill out the form below. If you have trouble processing your payment, you can also pay via venmo to @WildishWomen and leave in the notes what the payment is for. If you go by a different name on Facebook, please be sure to leave this in your notes as well. Fees are non-refundable. Please note, I know some of you just paid the $5 yearly fee at the end of 2022 but unfortunately, paying the new $10 fee will have to be completed for 2023 in order to participate. Keep in mind this is a yearly fee so you will be covered for the full year.

Due to not everyone having a gmail account, I cannot turn on form confirmation emails. So when you fill out the form, make sure you make a note that you completed it. If you forget if you filled it out already, please fill it out again and I will delete the duplicates. I will not be going through and checking to see if you have submitted your form any longer. Also, please remember, the more information you give the more your giver has to work with.

Again, sign ups close March 24th! Anyone who signs up after that will not be added to this exchange and will have to wait for the next one.

The goal is to remain anonymous about who you are gifting and receiving your goodies from. There is now a minimum spend amount of $30+ dollars to participate. If your basket does not meet or exceed $30, you will be removed from future exchanges. You also cannot regift items within the same exchange. If you receive something that isn’t for you, save it for a future exchange or gift it to someone outside of our group.

If you do not drop your exchange on the due date and I haven’t been notified of a delay BEFORE its due, you will automatically be removed from future exchanges.

Once you have filled out the form, paid the fee, and sign ups have closed, you will receive an email with your assignment the week of the 26th and delivery will be due by April 2nd. Please add hello@wildishwomen.com to your contact list in your email so that you don’t miss when your assignment comes through.

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